During London marathon training in 2018, I picked up a relentless knee injury that even while resting for a few weeks at a time, would just come back as soon as I started running again. I couldn't seem to get past 10km without severe pain which was causing me real frustration. I got to the point where I would walk my dog for twenty minutes and experience the pain even then. I therefore went down the private medical route and had a consultation with two very experienced orthopaedic surgeons who sent me down the route of physiotherapy. Despite really committing to the physiotherapy weekly sessions and at home exercises, these were only ever temporary fixes. I heard about Nick's treatment and thought I would give this a go as nothing else seemed to work. Nick really focused on the cause of the pain as opposed to treating the area pain itself, which was completely different to the treatment I was getting through the physiotherapist. I saw Nick for approximately 6 weeks, once a week and I couldn't believe how quickly my knee injury improved. Nick is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise; he is also extremely friendly and I would genuinely recommend him to anyone. I genuinely have not experienced any pain since and cannot believe what he has done, especially considering the orthopaedic surgeons I saw had over 25 years of experience in this field. Thank you, Nick :)

                                                                                            Sophia Claypole

I feel so lucky to have found Nick and can’t recommend him highly enough. He is a highly skilled and professional Practitioner of Japanese Medicine where he used acupuncture, kinesiology and visceral treatment on me with a body balance. He listens to all the aches I was having as well as fatty liver issues. Then he starts treatment on your whole body rather than just the part where you have issues with as he believes they are all connected as a whole.  By just having a feel where my liver is, he could tell there was a problem. I had two treatments with him and was planning a third one but then we went into lockdown. I travelled from London as it’s so worth it. He was recommended through a family friend and I would be ever so grateful to the friend who suggested I give Nick a go.

                                                                                      Doreen Chan

Nick is very knowledgeable and professional in his field of work, I’ve used him for a few aches and pains I’ve had over the past few months and now I’m back in fully working order, fully recommended and will use again.

                                                                                        Phil Rayner

I was given Nick's phone number by one of my Gym friends. Nick helped me with his Japanese therapy, it was amazing help me relax and help my pain which I had do to several TIA (mini strokes he knew where my pain was coming from and helped reduce it in a few sessions I have recommended Nick to two of my other friends and they are very happy with the treatment.
I would recommend Nick to any one who's in pain.

                                                                                      Mark Nicholson

Having been openly sceptical about acupuncture, Nick calmly explained the procedures he was going to be doing to me and why. Expecting to feel a sharp pain when the needle pierced the skin, I can honestly say I could barely feel them which surprised me.


Nick is happy to talk through what he is doing and eloquently explains the procedures and how the procedure links into the pain/issue being treated. He's very knowledgeable about his subject and his relaxed approach naturally puts you at ease.


I've had various physio and osteo treatments over the years. The combination of acupuncture alongside the massage techniques has seen the most progress with my injuries by far and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick for a consultation.


                                                                                           Andy G, East Northants

I’m 45 years old and due to my physical job I've suffered with back pain for some time, usual daily discomfort and occasionally extreme pain. I used many different treatments before, and as they helped with the relief of extreme pain by means of aggressive manipulation, but never actually solved the underlying problem. I needed to try something different. And a friend recommended Nick, and after a relaxing consultation and made to feel at ease, we started on a course of healing the whole body, learning it was not just my back that was the problem. I was a little apprehensive about the needles, but after a short while I felt their energy working and releasing tension. Nick was able to then soften my muscles and start to realigne my body. And from the first day I felt better, he gave me some light stretches to do and another visit in a week. After every session I was feeling freer from stiffness and gaining more movement. I know I can keep doing this treatment as it’s gentle on the body and it’s a peaceful relaxed setting for your mind too. I’d recommend this for everyone. It’s changed my life for sure.
Danny Sneddon