What is Japanese Medicine? 

Japanese Medicine integrates a variety of traditional Japanese therapies to help diagnose, heal and rectify past and present injuries or traumas to the body. The main focus is to always gain insight into the actual root/cause of the problem in order to significantly improve patient recovery and aid prevention of injury and illness.


The therapies include Traditional Japanese Acupuncture/Acupressure points, applied Kinesiology and Muscle testing, Ligament and Fluid driving, Spine and Joint adjustment, Cranial and Sacral balancing, Visceral massage and correction, Japanese style cupping, Shiatsu and Deep tissue massage.


All treatments take an hour and involve a combination of all of these therapies.

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Meet Nick

Nick has gained all his certifications with Dr Chris Roworth at The Chestnut Clinic in West London.


Nick has always had a passion for Martial Arts and Bodybuilding, learning what the body can do and how it can be developed. He spent most of his twenties, learning and practising Kick Boxing, Ninjutsu and Taekwondo. And so Nick and Dr Roworth’s paths crossed at one of Chris's Bujinkan Ninjutsu classes and it was during a class when Nick started complaining of back pain that Chris offered to treat him at his clinic. Nick had Kyphosis and Lordosis which refers to the curvatures in the spine and needed correction as this was the cause of his back pain.

Nick continued to remain intrigued by the human body and started to pursue Bodybuilding in his late twenties and started learning how nutrition and training could mould the body. His bodybuilding days came to a halt in 2016 when Nick became a father for the first time and discovered raising his son was his new passion and priority. Nick’s son had experienced a traumatic birth and at 3 weeks old was suffering with extreme colic and discomfort. After trying, various colic medicines and recommendations Nick and his wife felt completely helpless and hopeless. Until Nick remembered Dr Roworth and that he had previously treated babies for various conditions. After a quick 20 minute treatment, Nick’s son had the best night’s sleep he’d had since birth. Amazed by the effects of the treatment, Nick’s wife decided to go and see Chris for a treatment herself due to SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which seemed to carry on post-pregnancy. Once again Dr Roworth worked his magic.

Whilst Nick’s wife was in complete awe of what Japanese Medicine could do, Nick was at a slight loss. Bodybuilding had become his life over the past 5 years and now that he was a father he didn’t know how to juggle both without being selfish but where did that leave him. What would be his next passion? At the time he was working as a Data Telecoms Engineer which brought him no joy and so it was time to embark on a new journey, one he wouldn’t look back from, one which helped others and one that brought him joy. So Nick signed up to one of Dr Roworth’s courses where he has been able to pursue his passion for the human body, what it’s capable of and how to heal it.